About this site

This website is a project of Tim Baxter (of Melbourne Law School , the Australian-German Climate and Energy College and the Energy Transitions Hub ). Its aim is to open up data of the Emissions Reduction Fund to the general public, making easier to navigate than the raw data.

If this is your first encounter with the Emissions Reduction Fund, I suggest you read this post to get a feel for the scheme: Introduction to the ERF

I also have some analysis (to be migrated to this site eventually) available on my personal blog, where I am working on a series called ‘ Methodlogically Flawed ’. This series is a deep-dive into the problems in the ERF, written for a lay audience. Topics covered so far include: how the ERF manages climate risk; how the avoided deforestation methods might be able to clear their land without consequence; and the operation of the safeguard mechanism.


This website is CC-BY-AU

You are free to share and make derivatives of anything that you find here so long as you attribute both Tim Baxter and the Clean Energy Regulator.

This project is part of the University of Melbourne’s Climate and Energy College “Live-Emission tracker” project under the Energy Transition Hub .

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